Lead Services

Ensure The Health and Safety of Your Home or Business With Our Professional Lead Services.

Cira & Associates Consulting offers a range of lead services designed to protect your health and ensure the safety of your property. Exposure to lead, especially in older homes and buildings, can lead to serious health issues, including developmental delays in children, neurological damage, and other chronic health problems. Our goal is to eliminate lead risks and provide you with peace of mind.

Lead Paint Inspections

Our certified professionals conduct detailed lead paint inspections to identify the presence of lead-based paint in your home or building. We use advanced testing methods to detect lead accurately, ensuring that any potential risks are thoroughly assessed.

Lead Renovations

When lead is present, our lead renovation services are designed to safely address and mitigate lead hazards. We follow strict safety protocols to minimize exposure, removing or enclosing lead-based materials effectively to create a safer environment.

Lead Repair and Painting

Our lead repair and painting services ensure that any areas affected by lead are properly treated and restored. We use specialized techniques and materials to repair surfaces, encapsulate lead paint, and apply safe, lead-free paint to enhance the appearance and safety of your property.

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